Fall in New Hampshire

Morgan Road

Here's a nice picture down the road from our log home in New Hampshire. October 9, 2010

Morgan Road

CommonWalk at Fitzwilliam, NH

On October 10, I was one of about 30 artists participating in CommonWalk, an Eco Art festival held at the Fitzwilliam Inn

My piece was entitled “A New Energy Generator” and is shown below. I had nice marker pens and art paper on the table, and invited others to make their own versions of new energy generators and place them on the wall with mine. There were 9 contributors total, both children and adults.

Here are the words that went with the image. You are invited to join in:

Imagine what a wonderful gift it would be to us and our Earth if we could find a simple, non-polluting energy source that would be free or almost free! This image represents one of many possibilities that could lead us in that direction. I would now like you to join in and go within. Take a deep breath and feel what a new, free energy source or device would feel like. What form it might take is not important. By just “feeling” it, the notion will be accelerated in our human consciousness and hasten its discovery, acceptance, and deployment.

A New Energy Generator

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