The Seed

The seed

Love really is all.  
The vibration of a human heart  
that radiates love is a precious gift to  
the universe. It has the capacity to change worlds.  
You cannot understand yet the enormous wakes you leave  
as you raise your collective vibrations here on this plane.  
Do you not see that you reside in many dimensions simultaneously?  
Your conscious mind can only grasp a miniscule portion of your true  
nature. Yes, it is time to move more fully into the spheres of influence  
you have created for yourself. You have planted yourself as a seed. It  
is now time to sprout branches and bear fruit. The fruit is love. We  
remain near to support your path. Practice taking action, living  
every moment with the full awareness of each and every heart's  
source in divinity. Each and every one of you emanates  
from Source, all are loved, each is honored  
for the wearing of physical biology.  
From ORION through  
Lucy Bright Eyes

Hor Rule
Iceberg in a Lavender Sea
An original MIDI musical composition from
David Denniston's Music Place

Hor Rule

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