Healing Art

This exciting area of Earth Echo features healing art - images empowered to assist in our personal and planetary healing.

If you are in need of healing - physical, mental, or spiritual - select one of the images below, with or without the music. The healing art images differ in color, intensity, and design detail. Select whichever image seems right for you.

To receive healing just relax and focus on the healing art image for several minutes. You may feel a warmth, tingling, or other sensation--that is normal. It is also normal to receive healing but to feel no sensations. Repeating the experience over a period of days or weeks can help strengthen the healing. Be open to any changes that seem to be taking place, and tend to any old issues that may arise.

As a variation, focus on the image initially, and then close you eyes and meditate, visualizing the image in your mind or just imagine yourself being surrounded by white light of the purest and highest sort. Follow your intuition, and feel free to experiment.

You may also do healing with any other Earth Echo image you feel especially attracted to. In fact, the whole of the Earth Echo site is intended as a healing experience.

Healing Our Earth

To me the most exciting and vital healing we can do today is the healing of our planet. To participate in this healing, focus on the healing art while visualizing a very powerful healing energy flowing around the Earth and through the Earth. Or flowing into any situation or aspect of Earth in need of special healing. Once again follow your intuition, and feel free to experiment. And don't forget that you are a part of Earth, so by healing yourself our Mother Earth receives healing also.

The Images

Click on note for the large healing art image with music, or click on the small image to see the large version in silence.

You may wish to adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast controls for optimum viewing. If you need more viewing space on your screen, try temporarily turning off Toolbar, Directory Buttons, and Location under the Options menu in Netscape. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, temporarily turn off Button, Address, Status, and Favorites Bars under the View menu. Let me know if you are having any problems.

Next are some healing images based on the Points of Light. Use these images in silence or with your own favorite recorded meditation music. Better yet, softly chant (or sing) the sound "Om" or "Om - Shanti - Om". Om helps to connect us to the universe, to the all. Shanti helps bring peace, peace within and peace for all. And here's another interesting suggestion-- ask the angels to sing you a song!

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I hope you have enjoyed these images. Please write and tell me about your experiences. fred@earthecho.com.

If you are interested in learning more about art and healing, three wonderful resources on the web are Art As a Healing Force, the Arts & Healing Network, and the Survivors Art Foundation.

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