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Hello, my name is Fred Casselman. It’s a blessing to have you here. This place is called Earth Echo, a gallery to help enliven and advance human consciousness. If you happened to enter at this page, you may wish to begin your visit at Earth Echo home. And my webrings are here.

If you are enjoying your stay, please tell a friend or two. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts and receiving comments and feedback. email me at I love hearing from you and respond to all who write.

The Earth Echo website will be celebrating its eighteenth anniversary in May, 2014. You may view a partial version of the site from late 1996 at the Wayback Machine.


It’s a lot of fun doing this website, but I also love printing and exhibiting my images. Printing them in a large size format on fine art paper gives them a wonderful new dimension and presence. See my new Blog for more recent updates and information on exhibits.

My first show for 2012 is appearing at the Framingham Massachusetts Public Library, February 15-28. The title of the show is “Nature and Cosmos, Magic and Spirit”.This will be my third show at the library since 1999. It’s a very busy library, and many visitors come by. Here’s some nice press coverage of the show from February 26, 2012.

My work appeared in two shows during February and March, 2010, in Chicago and in Concord. See my new Blog for more recent updates, such as a piece at the New York Hall of Science through January 31, 2011.

My work appeared in two shows during December 2009, again one Chicago and one in Concord. See the web version of the prints here

In October, 2009, two of my images were included in a show entitled “Emergence of the Divine Feminine” at the Life Force Arts Center in Chicago. Click here for a video of all the art in the show. My two pieces are the mostly-white, sensuous floral images towards the end of the video beginning at 3:19.

I had three exhibits in 2008. The first was at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in the Hudson River Valley of New York, USA. There were 13 prints on exhibit.

A second exhibit in 2008 featuring 16 prints was held at the Fitzwilliam Town Library in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire.

The final and largest exhibit for 2008 featured 37 prints and was held at the Gleason Library, Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA. There is a very nice article about the show with a picture. The person in the picture is actually not me but a stand in. I'm definitely better looking than that stand in guy :)

In 2007, I had an exhibit in my hometown, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. Here is a very nice review of the show.

In earlier years, I had solo shows at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California, at the Chelsea Waterfront Gallery, and as a part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival.

My images are always available for new exhibits. Please contact me at if you have any suggestions for exhibit locales.

Artists of the Grand Harmonious Universe

An important work being done on our planet today is the renewing of our sense of peace and harmony with our Earth, the cosmos, with one another, and with ourselves. Artists are playing a role in this work as they have throughout all of human history. Our Earth and our human societies are once again being filled with harmony, love, and beauty--it is happening, it is much closer than we think. Earth Echo is pleased to be a part of this work. And here are some other Artists of the Grand Harmonious Universe.

Liquid Calm

Our son Dr. Aaron Casselman has just created a unique new product called Liquid Calm. In a world that jangles your nerves, Liquid Calm is a unique beverage that provides a sense of calm and relaxation. Check it out. You can learn about the ingredients here.

Our Retreat

Several years ago we acquired a second home in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, USA. It’s a log home way back in the woods, a true retreat. I’ve enjoyed taking pictures there as the seasons pass and thought you would enjoy seeing them. Welcome to the house at the end of the road.


Over the past several years, I have had visions and dreams for the spiritual evolution of my church. This has been a sort of synergistic activity with the art. I have done a write-up which may interest those of many different backgrounds. Click here to read it. The page opens in new window so you can easily return here.

Reciprocal Sites

There are a number of interesting sites with whom I have reciprocal links. Click here for some pleasant surprises and hidden gems!

Some Thoughts On Peace

As violence and ongoing warfare still occupies the front page, it’s nice to know we have other choices.

Perhaps we have had enough of the violence we have lived with for thousands of years and are ready to just let it fall away.

There is little we need to do to make this happen, just let it fall away.

Just dwell no longer on war and violence in your mind or your heart.

Gently acknowledge and release the darkness within.

Breathe peace.

Breathe Love.

Go about your life.

And let your light shine for all to see.

Pictures of Me

Many, many of you (well, at least one or two of you) have been asking to see pictures of me. So here are my pictures.

Webring Page

I am very pleased that Earth Echo has been invited to participate in a couple of wonderful Webrings. So check out the new Webring Page.

Links to the New Spiritual Energy

Here are five wonderful places that share the new spiritual energy:   Crimson Circle   Kryon   Star Quest   Starchild Global

The Peace Page by Elsajoy is a wondrous, love-filled site that I visit often.

NASA has a site featuring an incredible Astronomy Picture of the Day. These images invite us to view our Earth and our existence in a broader, more cosmic perspective.

Giving Thanks for Tools

I am very grateful for all the tools that help make my work possible. The tools I currently use include the Apple Mac computer (love my Mac), Adobe Photoshop, nik Color Efex Pro, nik Viveza, Corel KPT Filters, Xaos Tools Terrazzo, Corel Painter, Studio Artist, ArtRage, and ArtMatic.

Many of my images start off as a photograph. Over the years I have used a 35mm film camera, but in 2000 I switched over to a digital camera, giving me a much greater sense of freedom. My current camera is a Leica D-LUX 5. What a nice camera!

The miracle that makes publishing this work possible is the World Wide Web. My site preparation tool is BBEdit. Adobe Photoshop is used to prepare the images. The web space provider that hosts this site is Clearlight Communications whom I would recommend most highly. And a very special thanks to Deborah O’Brien for her excellent work in proof reading the site and checking links.

I also enjoy printing and exhibiting my work. My current printer is an Epson 7900, which can print image sizes up to 24 inches. So, a square image would print up to 24 by 24 inches. A 3-to-1 panoramic image would print up to 72 by 24 inches. The paper used is Museo Silver Rag by Crane. This is an all-cotton, archival art paper. A Gretag Macbeth Eye-One Pro is used for color management. The resulting prints are truly beautiful. Even I am impressed :)

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Hor Rule

All images on this website (exclusive of The Sharing Gallery) are Copyright © 1996 - 2014 Fred Casselman and may be downloaded or printed for personal use. Any other use by permission only. Most of my images are available for use on other non-commercial web sites; please email me for details.

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