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November, 2009. Seven new images were
added to Images From the Void

Here is an Online Gallery of my show at the Gleason
Library, Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA,
Late 2008. 37 images total!

Images from my show at the Fitzwilliam Town
Library, New Hampshire, USA, August 16
through September 27, 2008

May, 2008. Awakening to a
new level of awareness

November, 2007. Wandering
through my virtual studio

January, 2007. Gallery 2007
of transcendent work was newly created

January, 2007. Recent Work Gallery 0 was
updated with 10 diverse new imagess

March, 2006. Work in Progress II
gallery was newly created

February, 2006. A glowing new gallery
of Star Images was created

January, 2006. Six nice new contributions
were added to the Sharing Gallery

November, 2005. A Fall section was added to our
House at the End of the Road pictures

April, 2005. Three new images were added
to the Work in Progress Gallery

March, 2005. A new painting was added
to Gallery 6 of Recent Work

February, 2005. Gallery 4 of recent work has been
updated with 8 new Transformational Images

April, 2004. Gallery 1 was updated with eight new
images. Despite some current signs to the
contrary, it's a wonderful Universe

November, 2003. A new Gallery was added to
celebrate the Harmonic Concordance

October, 2003. A new website was created for
the sharing of my Spiritual Insights

November, 2002. A new Gallery 2, Windows on
the Infinite, was added to Recent Work

June, 2002. Gallery 3 of Recent Work was updated
with some interesting new images

May, 2001. Due to the site's growing size, it received a
nice fifth anniversary gift of a site map and search

July, 2000. A couple of new images were
added to the gallery Hymns to the Sun

May, 1996. The Earthecho website was born. You may view a
partial version from late 1996 at the Wayback Machine

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