This prayer is for you. Read it out loud so you really hear it.
Repeat it until you believe it.
The more you feel in yourself the truth in the prayer,
the more you will experience that truth in your life.
Use the first line as an affirmation ... repeat it to yourself throughout the day as a reminder of the power that is working for you.
These prayers are originated in personal requests to me, so they are intuitively generated vehicles for personal empowerment. And, because in truth we are all one, if they resonate with you, they are personally meant for you, too.

I move on light and free creating an ever new me ...

For You to feel and know Spirit expressing through you as you as you move gracefully forward in Life. Guided by Spirit you open to the abundance around you accepting your good now. Feeling Divine Love within you draw the perfect mate to you.

Sitting calmly at the window, my thoughts drift naturally to the beauty of nature and the perfection of Spirit. Noticing each drop of water from the eaves, the steady screen of light rain, the gentle movement of branches in the breeze, I sense the ultimate perfection of creation in all its immensity and all its subtlety. I feel reassured of the goodness of my life and the oneness I am with Spirit.

So, I turn my attention to my breath ... it is deep and regular. In this rhythm I become one with the universe, one with all of creation. For as I breathe, the planet breathes ... the solar system breathes ... the galaxy breathes ... and on and on ... this pulsating rhythm of existence, as matter as particles as waves as light as you as me as our community, are all One with each other and with Spirit.

I celebrate this Truth and speak these words from this place of Oneness, claiming these truths in this timeless moment:

Spirit is right here right now; all the guidance I want and need is right here as I open my mind, as I open my heart to receive, it is done. I listen carefully and move deliberately forward knowing that Spirit is with me every step of the way. I relax and let my life flow naturally; I respond to each situation in the moment it occurs, seeing it as it is now and, handling it now, I move on light and free creating an ever new me.

I know the gifts I have to give the world through creative self expression in my business life and allow them to flow freely and fully. I open myself to accept abundance into my life just as easily as I allow my creativity to flow out. I accept the principle that what I focus on I get more of by focusing my attention, awareness, and energy on the perfection I see naturally occurring all around me. I nurture my innermost feelings of beauty and peace and accept into my life the perfect partner to share these innermost feelings with. I see us moving forward together in harmony where even the discord is recognized as part of the whole beauty.

I embrace this Light filled moment with Love in my heart. I accept Spirit's goodness expressed as me, through me and to me. Tears well up as gratitude flows from my heart for the natural beauty all around me that I identify with completely. Thank you, thank you, thank you Spirit ... we are One forever and I shall never forget.

I release these words to the creative process knowing they are true now and forevermore. So I let it be and so it is.


Copyright ©1997 Peter Stickney
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