Jayne and the Angels

May an Angel always stand by your side ...

Human Perspective

The Hebrew for angel is "malakh" meaning messenger. Angels seem to be a link between God and humans bringing divine love, unconditional love, caring and peace.

In paintings the first winged angel appeared in the 5th century as if to fly from heaven to earth. Their halos represent virtue and innocence. We have given certain names to a variety of angelic beings:

Elementals - particles of energy which evolve to fairies, and can be used for Good or not so good!! They are here to serve.

Devas - shining beings taking care of nature, trees, flowers and plants.

1st rank - turn towards God

Seraphim - beings of penetrating warmth

Cherubim - have the gift to see and know God and share with an outpouring of wisdom.

Thrones - overseers of each planet.

2nd rank - know God through contemplation of principles and ideas

Dominions - are counsellors

Powers - oversee birth, life, death rhythms

Authorities - are advisors

3rd rank - work for human affairs

Principalities - guardians of cities and nations

Archangels - often appear on momentous occasions

Angels - personal or guardian angels for safety

The names of the four archangels are direct Hebrew translations. El means of God and the first part of each name specifies a particular quality of God that each angel carries:

Uriel means "The Light of God". Concerned with clarity, guidance and new beginnings.

Michael means "The Likeness of God". Healer by night, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom and love.

Raphael means "The Healer of God". Physical, emotion and spiritual healing.

Gabriel means "The Strength of God". Emissary of the Power of the Divine Mind to create; helps let go of fears and resentment.

Spirit Perspective

I feel very privileged to be allowed to converse with spirit regularly and receive sound advice and wisdom.

I asked one of my guides, Dr. Kruger, about angels. This was his reply:

"I really am not an authority as I am more often plodding on your earth working with the healers. I am aware of the Angels and I have sometimes what you might say trespassed on their territory but I am a new boy. They are enormous beings of great light and magnitude, they are very loving, they can, like myself transmute themselves but on a larger scale and they have this ability to understand the human heart which they are not often credited with. That is the one thing I know they would like you to put over.

They understand humanness - people do not always suppose this. They think they are too remote, too high-born so that they cannot grasp what it is, to be limited and on earth.

Q: Do they ever incarnate or stay in heaven?

"Well, of course, you have to define what you mean by angel! Ya, because there are many, many angelic people in human form who do wunderbar loving acts for one another or in the silence of their sanctuary, they plead for the soul of the troubled ones and so on. You could say Mother Theresa was an angel in disguise. So you need also, I feel, to broaden the concept. this is very important. This we would love to see. People get caught up in a definition and they hold to it forever more but as you have noticed you cannot define your old friend Kruger. He is always different coming and going in different vibrations and you are also unlimited in this way.

So in helping people to know what it is like to be angelic, to broaden the concept you are helping them also to understand themselves better. This is a very lovely task, ya.

We are going beyond all concepts you and I one day - to the unconceptual Universe of Love which is our natural home, for it is only the human who likes these pigeonholes. We fly out and we don't need little pigeonholes. We become part of the cosmic again when we are ready. So there is much now for you to think about ....

God bless you, God bless you."

I hope you could hear his Austrian accent!!!

Love and Light


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