Elemental Mystery

Elemental Mystery

Central figure is Elfie's medicine pouch, red leather. He lost it in the fall of 1996. A year later, Maia found it under one of SunMt's jujube trees while picking 97's ripe fruit. We figure the pouch slipped out of Elfie's pocket the year before while he was gorilla climbing the tree to pick the high fruit.

A year of weathering cast the pouch into mystery. Elfie decided to scan it into MainMac. As he turned the pouch hole down toward the scanner glass, specs of sand sprinkled out. Elfie's first thought was to wipe the sand away. He resisted this neatness temptation.

Once on the monitor screen, the pouch sang, sand and all, but its melody was muted. Elfie went to NASA's free picture web site and downloaded a nebula. In Photoshop, he layered the pouch and the nebula together. Then he darkened and blurred the nebula while sharpening the pouch.


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