Creativity is a gift available to everyone. It is a force to be drawn on, whatever the field of endeavour. Yet the effects of its full development are seldom seen, since this requires a fine balance of conditions, within and without the individual.

There are three interrelated elements in the working of this force. First is the mind: from its deeper reaches come the visions relative to the interest of the person. Next is the emotional force welling up from the heart: this carries the desire to interpret the vision and provides the perseverence to carry the project to completion. Finally, there is the hand guided by the eye, or some other sense, often extended through a tool or instrument, interpreting the vision into reality.

This is depicted by Greek symbolism since no equivalent exists today. Athene, the goddess of wisdom and patronesse of the arts, is shown in profile representing the mind and the eye. The hand held crucible, reflecting the shape of the heart, is where the combination of the elements takes place, from which arises the Spirit Of Creativity. This commemorative plaque has been struck as a record of the presence of the Spirit at Waterperry during Art in Action.

Spirit of Creativity

This plaque and the above wording created by Ted Frater, Bronzesmith and Minter, Wytch Heath, Dorset, England

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