Running With the Wind

A Prayer for Unification, by White Feather

I go with the Flow
And follow the Wind.
I am but a hollow Reed --
An instrument of Wakan Tanka,
The Great Spirit, the Wind.

Earth, Wind, and Fire
Lead me to my People.
Sleeping memories in my blood
Awaken and call to me -- whispering
Calling me to You -- You to me.

We are all drops in the Ocean:
Individual Droplets,
Yet part of the Whole.
Like Cells in the Great Spirit's Body.
You are Me, I am You, Spirit is All.

We are all Sleeping Gods and Goddesses
Now being called and aroused
From a long wintry sleep.
A sleep full of Dreams.
Dreams are Reality - Reality Dreams.

I am a Bridge Across Troubled Waters
Reaching out to Unite
All the great tribes of the Indians,
Whether North, South, East, or West.
Let's all unite Together, not be against.
It's Love that will bind and unite.

There are no doors, no barriers.
No locks or keys are needed.
(We build all walls ourselves.)
But we must tear them down.

We are All One
Regardless of Color, Sex, and Creed.

The Great Spirit of the Indians is my God,
The God of the Chinese too,
The Brahma of Hindu Religion
Is the God of Christians too.

We are All His Children,
His Dream, His Expression.


Copyright © 1988 by White Feather

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