The Declaration of Essence

This is a declaration engaging the rights of other sentinent beings resident in the universe and here on mother earth. It is proposed that the declaration be submitted to, and adopted by, the United Nations, on 01.01.01. For more information, contact Wally

When, in the course of the history of a World, it becomes evident that one species has come to dominate that World to the destruction and domination of all other species, of the very rocks, then the dominating species must of its own volition, and with altruism, seek to limit and reduce its dominance of the World to allow again the flow of Existence. Further, if the dominating species of that World does not have the will and the intelligence to limit itself in its domination, then the very nature of the greater Universe will assert itself upon the ecology of that World and tend to restore a balance, causing great suffering.

Mankind holds these truths to be self-evident: that Existence has the form of a circle with no beginning and no end; that every circle has a center, and the center is the Essence, unchangeable and compassionate; that a changing balance will ever assert itself; that one species cannot affect that changing balance, just as the one species cannot affect the burning of the stars and the dance of the planets.

To the dominating species--ourselves, mankind--and to a candid universe, we submit these facts: that through social and economic structures necessary to the order of the Earth's nations, awareness of the Oneness and interdependence of all Existence has been minimized; that results of the unity so minimized turn against the human family itself, resulting in wars, poverty, the isolation of each person, and great suffering; that the heat necessary to maintain the life of the dominating species is changing the climate of the Earth with unknown consequences; that the chemicals necessary to feed mankind are causing extinction of other species; that these chemicals, in addition, are destroying the protection necessary to the evolution of carbon-based life; that the sharing of ever-decreasing resources becomes more limited due to the demands of the dominating species; that dominance has resulted in an illusory perception of power by the dominating species; that respect of the dominating species atrophies for the other species, for the interdependence of life and Earth, and for that dominating species itself; that confusion results from the use and dominance of the intellect, and results in a loss of intrinsic awareness of the cycle of life; and that these facts, because of the continued forestalling of an Apocalypse, reveal the compassion of the unchanging Central Essence.

In every age, within recorded and unrecorded history of mankind, there have been those who have pled for an increase in mankind's awareness and respect for the Earth. These petitions have been ignored or sometimes given superficial support in such a manner that the effects of that support have not interfered with the continued destruction of the Earth's ecology. There are those who have warned of the coming of great suffering and of Silent Springs. These sufferings are now upon us and will become greater while the voices of the Earth are silenced.

Therefore, be it resolved, by the Nations and People of the Earth, that mankind, as the dominating species, will seek, by its own understanding and respect for the Essence of Change, to limit and then reduce its dominance and its destruction of the Earth's ecology and resources. As the means to this end, mankind resolves that, by the year 3000 C.E., the human population of the Earth will be 600 million individuals. The means and social structures to achieve this goal will be the subject of study and debate among the Nations and People of the Earth, based upon the discovery of facts related to the social and economic structures of mankind throughout the hundreds of thousands of years of mankind's prehistory. These actions shall be voluntary by the People of the Earth and will not force upon them suffering or loss of their freedoms of life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

To the support of this Declaration and awareness of and respect for the Central Essence and the great compassion of that Essence, we do herewith commit ourselves.

For more information on the proposed declaration, contact Wally

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