Wolf Vision Poetry

We are all given visions... Sometimes they are real... Only you can decide...

Future Generations of Earth...
Please forgive us for destroying your home,
We were wrong to think it was only our own.

I wish you could have seen all the beautiful trees,
Their extinction is one reason it's hard for you to breathe,
All those buildings and towers that cover your land,
That is where the tallest trees once before did stand,
You will never hear the sweet songs all the birds did sing,
Because we cut down their homes instead of recycling,
I wish you could look up and see all the bright stars,
But we polluted your air to make use of more cars,
And once upon a time there really was green grass all around,
That was before we laid the pavement that covers your ground,
We thought it was more important to get places fast,
We didn't stop to consider our future, your past,
The contaminated water used to be home to many fishes,
But the million-dollar monsters didn't listen to our wishes,
They dumped their poisons into oceans, rivers and lakes,
The signs that say "Danger" are from all our mistakes,
There once was a time that you could have danced in the rain,
The acid that falls from your sky must cause you great pain,
All those black clouds that loom above in your skies,
Are from the luxuries we thought we needed to survive,
We just didn't realize that each convenience we plugged in,
Was contributing to the death of future children,
And how could we know that the cancerous spread of disease,
Was brought on from us bringing Mother Nature to her knees,
Our protected forests once were home to many beautiful creatures,
Until we allowed the antenna towers to become their newest feature,
You see, it's because money could buy anything in our culture,
That the deer, elk and bears had a price on their future,
The corporate monsters thought Earth was theirs to destroy,
And that you would prefer cell phones over landscapes to enjoy,
I know that you are angry with us, but please try to forgive,
We really believed we knew what it meant to live,
We hurried and we rushed throughout our every day,
Just to make more money and have more bills to pay,
We created all the deadly technology just to keep us going,
And didn't care enough to stop when the damage started showing,
At one time there was a plenitude of people who cared,
But we couldn't find time to complete the obligations we shared,
We had a reasonable excuse for every disaster that we would start,
But trying to agree on the solutions, that is what tore us apart,
It was just too much hassle to pick up the litter and the trash,
The voices cried, "It's not my problem...here just take some cash",
We just looked away from our brothers on the streets,
The homeless and starving that had been victims of defeat,
To the handicapped children that cried for our love and company,
The reply was, "I did my part, I gave those groups my money",
I think our own children must have suffered it the worst,
Neglected and abandoned, they became a generation cursed,
We tried to stop the violence that haunted our days & nights,
But they learned it from watching us and all of our fights,
How could we teach them to live together in peace,
When we were the teachers of war and bloody anger release,
We showed them in detail how to kill and cause screams,
On every television, computer and big movie screen.

Please dear children, learn from our selfish mistakes,
And if you can, heal all of the resources that we did take,
Be good to each other no matter the price you must pay,
Your children will thank you if you will do this each day,
Don't forget to go slow and watch every step you take,
Life is fragile, but can be heavenly if you give more than you take.

Reina Wolf Dreamer
Monterey, California
December 1998

Please feel free to reproduce & distribute this poem with Wolf Dreamer's permission, as long as no money is exchanged for it. This message should only be given and received. Remember to take care of Earth and each other and pray we stop this nightmare from ever coming to be.

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