First Light

Karen Fitzgerald   Oil on canvas   42 inches   ©1998

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This pome
about water
recalls it's various
states - beautiful
ocean vistas, quiet
patter of rooks
rivers sweeping tons
of sediment downstream;
health of the fluidity
untamed flux
turbulent currents.
Molecules and electrons
circulating in wild, congruent,
invisible patterns
settling where it will
in a pool
to wait as the gorge
is gouged deep enough
to take it all
the way to some bottom.
Water knows how to be
a sage.
Seeking a level down
below where it is given
over in service to the
Disappearing at
midsummer, elusive
as various amphibians'
breeding cycles or migration
habits between mud and the
How I admire water.
It's simple sound now sold
for any barren desk top
But my admiration is
by a mute hedge:
water filling my cells, water
prompting my electric circuitry,
water washing my systems
water a moat about me.
If only it's fluidity extended
throughout, flooding all the
cavities that separate my
molecules from yours.
God may be in the moist air,
deep space
But it is water that
comprises the Supreme
A simple joy
decent benefit of the
union in the 3rd dimension.

Karen Fitzgerald  ©1999

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