Lessons of Mother

By Mtnmama (MTN)

Ever notice how the creatures revere our
      Earth Mother?
She embraces them all, her qualities like
      no other.

Protecting and feeding from the large to
      the small.
She's is the giver of life, all life, that's
      her call.

From her high tops to the low valleys
      in the sea.
You may sweat, or you could freeze, she
      hears your pleas.

The water we all thirst for and fear
      of a flood.
She gives freely to the creatures, this is
      her life blood.

From her belly she can belch fire, lava
      and rock.
One shake of her shoulders our roads
      she can block.

Tossing the sea in giant waves on
      the land.
Still holding her creatures in the palm
      of her hand.

She loves, and protects them for
      they understand.
They know how to treat her, they know
      Mother's plan.

The creatures don't try and change her
      as we do.
They respect her, lover her, as you and I
      should too.

Perhaps a lesson from them, is a place
      to start.
Learn to love her, and her ways so as to
      do our part.

Find a quiet spot far away from man
      made things.
Lie down, allow the quiet, and feel the
      peace it brings.

Watch the creatures eat, drink, touch
      and embrace.
Soon you will know the her love, beauty
      and grace.

As Always in love,
      and Peace, Mtn (Lynn)

All Rights reserved ©2001

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