The Journey

By Ryan Prchal

the journey starts undeclared,
it is hard for anyone to be prepared,
through the bowels of the soul,
as if to be a transcendental mole,

to see things which you have never seen,
to be places you have never been,
find out who you really are,
leave no trace nor any scar,

be not afraid for it is pure,
and may be our only cure,
but know only this,
it is possible to achieve bliss,

so go forth on your journey,
and be not unsure,
for what one backs,
cannot suffice,

for what one lacks,
by the bowels I may disembark,
through the plague of societal march,
I shall carry on while life is good,

for I have no reason not to, no one should
my journey shall proceed forth,
up to the end of my days,
or, at least, until the clearing of the haze.

This is Ryan's first poem.
Ryan would enjoy hearing from you at

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