Dream Catcher and Prayer

By Allen Aslan Heart

Dream Catcher

At a "powwow" in Switzerland I watched an Oklahoma Indian Maiden signing the
Lord's Prayer as a crowd pleaser. It seemed dissonant in its patriarchal
reference to the Creator and far from the richness of the Native American
spiritual tradition. Immediately, I began to write a prayer that was coming to
me manidoog. It was similar in construction but deeper in its message.
This is what I was given:

Mother Earth and Father Sky,
we hold you in our hearts.
May all people remember
your Original Instructions
that are written in our heart.
You provide for us all that we need.
Shine the light of wisdom into our world.
May we receive love, honor, and respect
as we love, honor, and respect other beings
in the Web of Life.
Show us the way of the circle
and protect us from the ego of our mind
for ours is a way of peace and harmony,
a path of power and spirit
that we may walk in balance and beauty
until we dance in the Star Web beyond night.
It is so.

Allen Aslan Heart

Hor Rule

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Real Dream-Catchers of the Seventh Fire

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