Rose in the Sun

By Gary Vision River Smith

Rose in the Sun

When the air moves, the chime sweetly sings,
and the butterfly rises on its soft rosy wings.

The sun bends its ray to dance with the rose
and celebrate with you the path that you chose.

For you chose to join as partner and friend,
to follow the path over hill, around bend.

As the song of the chime plays on your heartstrings,
and lifts your heart up on its own rosy wings,

let your love carry you to the place it will go.
Your heart you can trust, it always will know

what brings out the best of the gifts that you bear,
what opens your heart so you fully can share.

Your life will unfold as the rose in the sun
as you walk on together, not as two but as one.

Gary R. Smith

~ ~ ~

Rose In the Sun was nurtured into being by playfully
feeling the love of two young people and the wedding gift
Kati and I selected for them - a rosy-winged butterfly windchime.

~ ~ ~

When poems like a river flow,
there is just one thing I know -
to feel the flowing energy
and write it into poetry.

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Copyright © 2004 Gary R. Smith

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