A Poem by Liora Leah

The Darkness and The Light

Darkness is not to be feared, but embraced

From the darkness of the womb we are born

Through the darkness of death we return to Source

Within the darkness of space

we see the light of the moon and stars

The darkness of night gives way to the light of day

The darkness of our Soul

is illuminated by the Light of Knowing

It is the balance of Darkness and Light within our Soul

that brings us into Universal Harmony with the Creation

Darkness lends strength and power to Light

for without Darkness there will be no Light

This poem is from a self-published booklet titled “One Year After...And Beyond” co-created in 2002 (the title refers to one year after the events of 9/11). The words were a co-creation with spirit on 12/1/02 during Hanukah, when a lot of what Liora was reading in regard to this holiday was about “dispelling the darkness” as if it is something to be “gotten rid of”. Spirit said to her “darkness is not to be feared, but embraced”; she sat down and the words just flowed into her head, and onto the paper. You may contact Liora at lioralea@yahoo.com.

The art piece is entitled “The Darkness and The Light”. Courtesy of Fred Casselman.

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