The Poetry of Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

Curved Stairs

Vapored corners in my mind
hover in a dream-state.

In vague relief
the curve appears,
beckons through the shadows,
welcoming my steps.

I waver,
doubt sketches my brow,
fear of the obscure inexplicable,
the rerun terrifying.

Gulps spasm in a dry throat,
drops trickle
down my forehead.
Please no, not once more;

the dream angles a smile
in anticipation.


Mimosa leaves
stretch from slumber,
unfurl leaves, touch
the lightening sky,
welcome the robin's call.

Bright fans
stroke the stones,
offer shade
for tender blooms,
respite from the day's fever.

A child peeks through
a leaf - hides behind
its mask - waves
it languidly before her
calling the breeze.

Somber light
etches the clouds,
folds into twilight.
The Mimosa is bewitched
by a sable sky.


I'm a long-necked crane,
head high in the clouds,
feet mired in wet sand,

gaze across the horizon,
yearn for...visualize
a future I can't grasp.

Sand silhouettes
span across the years,
never quite reach
rainbows or silver linings.
Sea light evaporates, fades
on the murmur of the wind,

leaving me empty
air - the stillness
stifling my cries.

Copyright © 2005 Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper is a poet-in-residence at
Soldiers Heart

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