The Flower Planet

The Flower Planet

Part of my daily practice over the past few years has been to spend some time "looking" in the direction of the Sun, with my eyes closed of course. Recently I have started "seeing" various flower-like patterns during my Sun looking. The flower pattern depicted above is typical of those I see. I have applied the flower to a spherical shape to suggest a planet, our planet. Earth is indeed the blessed recipient of bountiful Sun gifts, wonderful beyond our understanding. -- Fred

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I see this as the Lotus flower.

It grows out of swamp muck

Rising above the water

Floating in joy in the sun.

Symbolic of our rising

Out of our muck

To the Universe

To All THAT Is

The Creator


And Sunlight.

Commentary courtesy of davidcoyote

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This image reminds me of the Cosmic Lattice.
I saw the Lattice around the time of my healing last June.
This is an especially precious gift to me.


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