Word Gallery

These are some of my oldest digital images, and I still enjoy seeing them. The images are accompanied by MIDI music from contemporary composers from throughout the world. Click on image for larger version.

B l a c k  E l k 's  V i s i o n

Black Elk's Vision

There are many prophesies out there today, and Black Elk's Vision is one of the most engaging.

O  B u r n i n g  M o u n t a i n

O Burning Mountain

This shape is a favorite since it could suggest a flower or a spiral galaxy or perhaps both at once.

G o d  D e s i r e s  T h e  W o r l d  B e  P u r e

God Desires

These words come to us from Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), one of the world's great visionaries. She was a prominent artist, composer, writer, poet, theologian, and preacher.

F l o w e r  E q u i v a l e n t s

Flower Equivalents

"Flower Equivalents" was inspired by the Upanishads (see image further down on page) and by my own relationships with flowers and the cosmos.

M y  C r e a t u r e s

All My Creatures

These words were given to me to be used with the Chambered Nautilus.

C l o t h e d  B y  T h e  S u n

Clothed by the Sun

These are the words of Mechtild of Magdeburg, one of the great spiritual visionaries of the Middle Ages. The quote is from the book "Mechtild of Magdeburg" by Sue Woodruff, Bear and Company, 1982.

M a y  T h a t  P e a c e

Upanishads Quote

This beautiful quote is from The Upanishads, ancient sacred writings from India dating from 700 to 400 B.C.

W e  A r e  P a r t  O f  T h e  E a r t h

Chief Seattle

These inspiring words are from Chief Seattle's speech given in 1854.

M i r a c l e

Thich Nhat Hahn

These are the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese monk, scholar, activist, writer, and teacher. He is truly one of the great spiritual voices of our day.

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