Star Girl

By Gabrielle Beck

Silent tears, from your screaming heart
Flow down your battered face,
Past your silent lips, and are wiped away by your passive hands.
No body hears you crying.

If they could hear you,
Would they care?
But why would they, your just a drug addicted girl.
So these tears are for them,
The ones with selective deafness.

Fly away pretty girl,
Escape to the stars
With a needle in your arm, and slits in your wrists.
As your blood is washed away by the rain.

This is how they will find you. Dead.
With a smile on your face and silent tears in your eyes.
Rest in peace pretty girl.
May these memories trouble you no more,
As you carry on your journey though the stars.

For soon it will be as if you never lived,
As everyone forgets about the girl with the needle in her arm.
And the wind and the rain, slowly dissolve,
The stone on which your name is engraved.

My lovely Star Sister
You will never be forgotten
You are still with us and us with you
You will be remembered forever and beyond
We are one

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