Nanda Luz Sousa - Poetry

Artwork courtesy of Nina Schenk

Nina Schenk, Artist

since we are
outside the dream
in the network of awake revelry
we move easily
unveil former future
of roots, petals


fortune glows
through the rooms of ether
in your silence
inhabited by an archaic phantom
wing, hope
your silent thought
in clouds like feathers
and styx flowing
meet in infinity

Meeting In Infinity

your thought silences
in its sphere in time
with your ethers
a shadow of feathers flying
the gap between
you and the grip of fortune
of a mystery not forgotton


the dream in our midst
above time
beyond clouds
our walking
through shadows
dreaming of eternity
is an eagle flying
our time, clouds,
ethereal rooms

©2000 Nanda Luz Sousa
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