The Littlest Wave

By Davidcoyote Rodgers

Gracefully, the ocean swells, a little wave comes into form.
Knowingly, she curls and flips, to dance in the sun, so warm.
A seabird floats upon her crest, and caresses her with glee,
As she sings and bubbles and curtsies,
On the grand and mighty sea.

She knows not where she comes from, nor where she's heading for.
But with a billowed swell of ocean tide, she catches a glimpse of shore.
"Oh no"!, she cries, "I shall be dashed to bits",
(and she felt like she had no home).
As the waves up ahead pounded the rocks,
and turned into flatness and foam.

An old one from behind, with voice strong and so calm-
said, "No need to be afraid !
Dance in the now, with the sun shining through you,
Life is for limitless play.
Dolphins will sing, birds rest their wings,
feeling your joy they'll come from afar.
And when shore time draws near, let go of all fear,
For the ocean is what you are"!

~oOo~ (\o/) ~oOo~

By Davidcoyote Rodgers, copyright April 2003
Feel free to share this in non-commercial usage.

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