By Jorge Orozco

life is not all about fun and is about survival or death.u got to work ur ass out before is too late.sometimes u got 2 change 4 the one has happyness and joy, not even if u gained the fortune and fame. everyone is something that no other has. u got to b missing something in life. everyone does.lifes like that.u cant judge someone because hes ugly or he looks like a hack. u never know. that person might be stronger than u r. happines, love and harmony, its what makes life feel nice. Racism, lies and hate, is the worst that exist. the hate is what kills everyone.i feel both. but i know i wont b spare, because of who i am. i got to die one time. we all do. with love or hate we'll dissapear one day. that's what's all about. life and death

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