What is Love

By Marvin Pearlstein

It's boundless and ubiquitous, a nebulous fantastic word encompassing a world of so many things; loving the sound of a running brook, the power of a falling waterfall, the vibrant colors of a sunset, a rainbow, thunder, lightning and the fierce downpour that may follow.

The grace of a galloping thoroughbred, the fragrance of lilacs and roses, a lunar eclipse, children laughing, and the birth of the universe is Gods blessing for each and every one of us to enjoy.

Nothing else can compare to a romantic love which is the most intense, endearing, significant and meaningful love that fills all the senses as the love of another human being freely and unconditionally given.

There is no other love as fulfilling and nourishing to the soul as this special unselfish love for another.

It brings stability, calmness, and strength of purpose, tranquility, and warm sensations coursing through ones body, bringing anticipation, excitement, and spice while looking forward to the next touch, sound and kiss.

It more then any other of the human emotions instills contentment and a feeling of self worth and well being.

It's a non-medicinal tonic that can boost the immune system.

This love gives one the ability to dream great thoughts, to see the world through rose colored glasses; it is the most precious gift that can be bestowed on another human being.

It can be so totally consuming in its touch that its power must be constrained so the receiver of this love is free to grow, uncontrolled by the giver, but rather encouraged to maintain his or her individuality and personal growth.

An unselfish love that seeks to bring happiness to his or her soul mate that in turn brings happiness and personal satisfaction to the giver.

It is a commitment and a dedication to uphold the dignity of the receiver with respect and admiration for him or her.

It is a conscious melody that flows unfettered bringing with it a quiet refrain that opens all the senses allowing music and sunshine to enter and bathe ones soul, constantly replenishing itself within.

It is a compelling driving force that emanates from ones heart, reaching out to the receiver every moment no matter the distance or time. It is a combination of Mozart, and Strauss, Isaac Stern, and Horowitz, Pavarotti and Neil Diamond, Sarah Brigthman and Barbara Streisand, composing, playing, and singing the most gratifying musical score, uplifting every cell and atom internally, sending gushes of warm glowing tingling hot flushes throughout the body.

It's irreplaceable and the most natural, spiritual, and divine experience that can be expressed just by a piercing gaze.

Defying all odds against it, this love can last a lifetime when two soul mates genuinely like each other, care for and have mutual respect with an innate desire and ability to listen to one another.

It is an aphrodisiac beyond comprehension and all sense of proportion.

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