Two Poems by Teresa Schultz

The Hidden War

Not outside, but inside
we wage the silent battle
of wills and egos…
Nothing can appease them!

So fond are we of our own
opinions, that we don't listen
to our children, to our neighbors,
at home or abroad… “I'm right, your wrong!”

Like spoiled children
we think only of ourselves,
wanting more, needing more,
ravenous and mindless to the suffering of others.

We feed our insatiable appetites,
but nothing can satisfy
the one who thinks only of himself.
No longer human but machine…

The engine of war is a mindless one,
feeding on it’s own passion,
it sees nothing else,
only it’s immediate desire.

Peace is not so very far…
It is only one step away
from selfish desires,
from arrogance and pride.

Sisters and Brothers
of the World Unite!
Open your eyes…
to the contented heart within!

Child of the Earth

Oh beauteous Earth Mother,
ethereal, tranquil, timeless…
Cradle me in your arms

This child of yours, now grown,
needs the sheltering comfort
of your restoring embrace

Your healing touch nurtured me
when I was young, teaching me,
guiding me, protecting me…

Ah yes… I will always remember
the various forms of you
I miss the green of you

Even now, miles away from
your remote woodland glens, I still
see traces of the one I once knew

Here in the suburbs
of your foreign invaders,
a once glorious place I know existed,

but no longer…

Now, only carefully planned
streets, neatly manicured lawns,
strip malls and parking lots

Where roads and highways,
gas stations and convenience stores
now stand on every corner, in place of

where you once did… and I miss you
I miss the green, unplanned, changing
and unchanging, timeless vistas of you

This child of yours longs to grow
in wisdom. It is time to leave all this
and find myself again… mirrored in you.

Poems Copyright © 2003, 2004 Teresa Schulz

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