The Tapestry of Life

By Carmen Hironimus

The tapestry of life is perfect in its weaving, whether we like the threads we use or not - each thread is qualified by the energy we use but at the end of the day - the picture it shows - is the perfect one for that portion of the weaving.

And you have nothing else to do but to admire, be humble, and thank the maker, Consciousness itself, for the love that holds you because what you have weaved is in total perfection…

And you go on…in grace (or not) for the next day of weaving, with faith (or not) that the picture will manifest the next day, next week, or maybe next year…but each thread is still the perfect thread, wether you do it with ease or with dis-ease…

The maker, the divine, still weaves beauty and still brings you the thread you need for every detail of the tapestry to be perfect.

When you align with the divine, you thank everyone who participated in the gathering of the threads, everyone who brought you all the emotions that you had to qualify with your heart/mind to make them part of your tapestry, and each time you do that, while you see the beauty of your tapestry you have a taste of your own Divinity.

Copyright © 2005 Carmen Hironimus

Carmen wrote this to her daughter Patrizia while she was studying in Japan.
You may write to Carmen at

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